However as the seasons went on, the budgets got bigger, and the fame launched the unknown to the known. Scandal eventually has become apart of the franchise akin to a real life soap opera. Out of all the yearly scandals here are the 15 that surged above the rest. Tamra’s Neglect One of the most hated cast members of all time, it’s not hard for tamrat to be wrapped up in controversy. Following her public and very tabloid esque divorce years later it reached a peak no one would have guessed. Sidney, Tamrat’s eldest daughter chose her father’s side in terms of custody. While papers where filed of Tamra being a neglectful parent Well clearly she couldn’t walk out the doors with that huge cart and was promptly arrested.

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Yes, you read that right. It does appear that they have started casting already, but you know how things go with these shows. Women come and women go. Here are a few personal characteristics which might help you to get chosen: Could Vancouver be a first?

Thank you for the Amazing Customer Service @AirCanada Mary Ann – Chris – Robin & Jay Didn’t Drop the Ball. All followed up and is what makes an airline a cut above! 0 replies 0 retweets 3 likes. My good friend @RnRNegus from The Real Housewives of Vancouver will be on to tell us where life has taken her since the show.

Following the very recent third episode Jody talks about why she would rather use natural remedies instead of plastic surgery. It seems that she’s the only one on the show that’s taken a stand against plastic surgery. The other girls are lining up to get their wrinkles filled via botox. Maybe Jody should figure out how to get her lip zipped naturally. It’s not enough we have to hear her brash and brutal insulting opinions on the show but now we have to read her opinion on a blog!

She also talks about what she really thinks of Christina and how her lifestyle is so different from the other housewives.

Kandi Burruss

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter click photo to enlarge “I’m not married, and I’m not hurting anyone. I don’t have children, so I’m not embarrassing my kids. Dressed in her best friend Kevin’s button-down shirt and pajama bottoms, with bandages on both her thumbs, the “modern-day Brigitte Bardot” looked as fabulous as ever. Though comfortable in front of cameras, having worked as a model for years, Kiesel’s first reality show proved to be a brand new experience.

I never even liked my voice on a voice mail recording. So to see myself, it’s alarming, but it’s also fun.

Not only did OUR MIA get shot up at a gas station over the past weekend and sent to hospital, but now pop chaunteuse Mary Zilba has opened her big cheeks to release a statement saying that Mia is mixed up with some UNSAVOURY TYPES.

I love my land. All borrowed from God I’ve been up for a while but man I’ve accomplished nothing so far! Retweeted by Rhonda Ceci W. Blind date provides sea of calm in stormy Even more impressive is I survived back to back episodes! Glad you guys are dating!!! If not, he should be!! Here’s how they were set up: Super to see MaryZilba unveil our us on rhov In fairness I’m being paid to do it.

SellOut Retweeted by Rhonda Ceci.

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But now we have proof! Last Thursday she was asked questions about her lifestyle by her husband’s lawyer in divorce court. She said her expenses primarily consisted of three properties; one in Whistler and the other two I’m guessing to be her food and clothing stores. Jody also told the court that she hadn’t made any money this year.

From cutting edge wellness, anti-aging, dating, fashion, beauty and health to current events, music, business and even reality TV, Mary has gathered up some of the best experts in their perspective fields.

You’re dealing with people’s emotions and personal needs and I don’t take it lightly. It’s an awesome opportunity to make such a profound difference in someone’s life, the human element has to always be the focus” “My approach to helping individuals is about listening, encouraging, exploring and delving into areas of their lives that they want to change to get their desired results.

It really is about being of service to people, getting those results comes from their participation in the process, being honest with one’s self and sometimes being fearless”. Every client is an unique individual with different circumstances, desires and a picture of what they are looking for. Clients are affluent individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals.

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The Real Housewives of Vancouver: Wrap the Season in Jody Style

The tiny terror from West Van via Merritt once again drummed up attention of the controversial kind. First she battled with Reiko MacKenzie over the alleged over charging of a bill at her boutique. The two went back-and-forth. Reiko came loaded with paper work.

Real Housewives of Vancouver cast revealed Christina Kiesel, Reiko MacKenzie, Jody Claman, Mary Zilba and Ronnie Seterdahl are the Real Housewives of Vancouver. The five soon-to-be most talked about housewives of Vancouver — four blondes and a .

Tuesday, February 05, I NEED to watch it So I have been waiting and hoping for a second season and here it is! We sure will miss these two housewives. These three definitely brought some drama to season 1, that is for sure. These three new housewives are: Judging by the trailer that has been airing on Slice the past month or so, there is definitely going to be drama going on here on season 2.

Not sure how Mary and Ronnie are doing anymore but judging from tweets and the reunion show, Ronnie and Jody are still pretty close. Amanda made it clear in one of the trailers for the show that she is Team Jody. Here is a bit more information on the new housewives.

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After relocating to Vancouver, Canada she primarily focused on her music career garnering over 7 top 40 radio hits, and a chart toping 1 record in the UK. The show broke records when it debuted as the most popular viewed series in Canadian television history. The series ran on Slice Network for 2 seasons and was syndicated in 7 countries. Mary hoped that if she shared some of these stories that people in the wider community may benefit also. With thousands of followers on social media, more than 1 million YouTube views collectively, Mary has become a popular influencer on social media, often collaborating with brands that align with her ethos.

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Jody Claman image from wetpaint. She is a tough, no nonsense mother with a big personality and is brutally honest with whoever she meets. I find her to be one of the more annoying women of the bunch. She is constantly dressing over the top with gaudy jewelry and loud clothes and if the spotlight isn’t on her then it’s time for her to leave the room.

Immediately on the first episode she causes waves in an all girls vacation to Whistler. She bullies Mary and throws insults at her left and right and ruffled a lot of feathers in the short time they were there. She feels she’s telling it like it is but I think there’s a way to get your point across without hurting peoples feelings. Although I find her personality to be too over the top I will give her lots of credit for what she’s done with her career.

She started off baking muffins and bake them she did. That is inspiration in what is a tough economy. She feels anyone can make something of themselves if they put in the time, effort, heart and soul and I believe she’s right.

Real Housewives Of Vancouver

Advertisement ‘Real Housewives’ star, daughter sue co-star for libel after shooting Shooting victim Mia Deakin lies in a hospital bed after being released from the trauma unit. Mia Deakin, who frequently made guest appearances on the reality television show before it was cancelled last year, was wounded Sunday in what police described as a targeted shooting in Vancouver’s east side. Deakin was standing at a gas station with a man who received minor injuries. Police have not speculated on a potential motive, but say the intended target appears to be the man.

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Real Housewives of Vancouver: Amanda has come a long way from the beginning, when she could barely pronounce Kombucha, and is now ready to launch her line of the sweet fermented tea. She decides to throw an Alice in Wonderland-themed party at VanDusen Botanical Garden for the occasion and invites all of the Housewives. Ronnie admits that she should have kept their personal lives private. She also accuses Robin of drugging her at her birthday.

Further incensed by a hug that takes place between the two former friends, Jody gets up and physically drags Ronnie away from Mary. You look like a Martian! Jody declares that she feels much better and demands a piece of cake and champagne.

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She was one of the main cast members of The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Zilba has been in the public spotlight nearly her entire life — she and her sister, Juliana, both held Miss Ohio titles. Career After her Miss Ohio win in , Zilba’s career began in Ohio where she spent her early career working in television in broadcasting as a reporter and, later, becoming a television host and MC, hosting TV shows and events.

Indie producer Lark Productions on Tuesday unveiled the cast for The Real Housewives of Vancouver, the first local spin-off of Bravo’s global franchise to air on the Slice cable channel from April 4.

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Recording Artist & Star of ‘The Real Housewives of Vancouver’ Mary Zilba