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By Vanessa Tai For instance, there appears to be a stronger emphasis placed on privacy and establishing in-person connections than on casual, no-strings-attached meet-ups that tend to accompany quick swipes to the right. Here are how some apps plan to get a bigger share of the Asian dating pie. For one, there are no chat functions on LunchClick. Instead, users send each other questions and answers from a pre-determined list, after which they are encouraged to schedule a meet-up via the “propose a date” function. Sometimes, singles may be shy to ask someone out for fear of rejection. The ‘propose a date’ function helps lessen this sense of awkwardness.

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The Short Version: Violet Lim noticed that her colleagues at CitiBank in Singapore weren’t dating. It wasn’t that they weren’t interested in meeting new people; instead, their jobs kept them too busy to find love. One of the problems was that traditional dating typically took place during evenings when many professionals were still hard at ://

Hear from our previous members who met their partner and got married through esync! Our date went so well we even went for a movie afterwards! I love that Derek is a responsible, caring, and loving person. Chances are, you will find the right person soon enough. Thank you esync for letting us find each other. It was as if I knew her before.

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Ms Violet Lim of dating agency Lunch Actually Group advises singles to step out of their comfort zones to meet new people. Ms Lim estimates that in the past five years, the agency has seen a 10 per cent increase in older singles, 40 years old and above, seeking their services. She said this could be due to more people putting off marriage to focus on their careers as well as an increase in divorces.

She added that in the past, older singles might be less inclined to continue the search for a partner, but sentiments now have changed. Paktor’s chief marketing officer and co-founder Charlene Koh said older singles tend to have different expectations in terms of the partners they are looking for.

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 · Talk to and get advice on dating and relationships topics to ace and level up your love life! Download the MVP now! Brought to you by with 14 years Proven Record. For singles, attached and married couples VIOLET LIM Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer. Certified Matchmaker, Relationship Expert and Passionate //9-bodies-rolling-is-now-available.

Search for your partner whole-heartedly Greetings from our Dating Consultants Lunch Actually, Hong Kong Country Head, Zoie Do you want to find someone special to share your life with, yet your busy life is already exhausting you too much to find The Right One? Professional dating consultants can help you tackle your love-related issues.

With our help, you CAN make love happen! She has also done many studies and research on love and relationships, and she is an experienced public speaker regarding dating. With an established reputation since , many singles have entrusted their love life to us. Together with Jamie, Violet also founded esync , formerly eSynchrony, to fill the gap in the market for trusted online and offline dating service platforms. Enter LunchClick, the first female-centric app in Singapore designed to solve the problems that women face whilst using mobile apps, and to give them a better dating experience.

Her personal dating blog www. Violet is happily married to her university sweetheart cum business partner Jamie, and they have two young children, Corum and Cara. Demographics Our members mainly consist of managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and more.

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 · CEO & Co-Founder of , Violet Lim is a passionate entrepreneur and expert matchmaker who has been running her dating company, Lunch Actually Group since

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From Friends to Lovers: Maybe you met her a few months back, or him a couple of years ago. Why not take the hassle out of first dates by letting the experts set you up on one here? When it comes to first dates, many singles are unsure about what to wear. For help in finding the love that you deserve, click here.

 · There has been a rise in the number of singles aged 40 and older joining dating agencies and signing up for dating apps, according to industry experts such as Ms Violet Lim, CEO and co-

Held at Marina Mandarin Hotel, the Convention featured powerful presenters and passionate speeches. They are fabulous entertainers too! We were serenaded at this event by the lovely Jana Stanfield who also shared about the importance of giving back to society a portion of what you earn. The MC, Scott Friedman , kept the laughs coming throughout the day. She shared that we have to remind ourselves about the reason s we got into this business in the first place, so as to keep the Passion alive.

He was introduced as having 5 children aged between 18 months and 30 years, and it caused quite a stir in the audience! Charles reminded us that we cannot be in great shape physically, mentally, spiritually, etc, without hard work. He also encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones and set goals for ourselves. She gave very good tips on how to get free publicity and I love that she exhorted the audience to provide people with articles that can help them. She reminded us to write marketing copy for the wallet and how offering a series of webinars is very good for the bottom line.

Ron told us to pick the strongest guy seated at each table.

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First, we invite every potential client to our office to have a chat with our dating consultant. During this chat, we find out more about their profile and preferences. We also carry out ID and background checks. After that, should we have suitable candidates for them, we offer them a membership package. An elevator convo with Violet ://

AI Netflix, films and music enthusiast Travel junkie christina viola. AI, Violet Lim is a passionate entrepreneur and expert matchmaker who has been running her dating company, Lunch Actually Group since AI is her latest baby — one that would disrupt the dating and relationship industry as we know it. Hi Violet, can you give us a little bit of information about yourself and how did you end up being in the dating industry? Like most people out there, my childhood dream is NOT to be a matchmaker.

Far from it really. Like most Asian children, I was groomed by my parents to study hard, get a good job and go to a good university which was what I did being the obedient daughter. However, during my summer attachments at a law firm, I discovered that as much as I love law, it was not my calling. My first job was with Citigroup Singapore as a Management Associate, and that was where I first got the inspiration of starting a dating agency, as I had so many single colleagues.

I observed that many of my colleagues were single and not dating. That was rather puzzling for me as they were attractive and eligible people. I soon realised that it is because they were working really long hours, they were virtually married to the bank. So how did that collide with Blockchain and how you ended up with this idea to develop Viola.

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Violet is also the author of sought-after dating book – “Lessons From 15, First Dates”. Violet is happily married to her university sweetheart Jamie, and they have two children. Learn more about Violet at her award-winning blog: With a proven track record in offline matchmaking and being pioneers of the dating industry in Asia, the founders of eSynchrony were confident of their ability to find great matches for singles. They developed the eSynchrony matching algorithm which combines years experience in matchmaking combined with the latest technology of intelligent profiling.

Challenges of traditional online dating versus eSynchrony The old traditional way of online dating can be tough for singles who are busy and do not have the time to send countless of messages to each other.

 · When it comes to the modern matchmakers, very few in Asia would be able to come close to Ms Violet Lim. Before and eSynchrony, Violet and her husband, Jamie, founded the premier modern dating company, Lunch Actually, in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong

Jaya Violet Lim, CEO of dating agency Lunch Actually, discusses love, dating and marriage and gives great tips to keep that spark alive in our relationships! Violet Lim was working as Management Associate at Citigroup Singapore, when she realised that she had so many single colleagues who were not even dating. It all seemed rather puzzling to Violet as they were attractive and eligible people. She soon found out that it was because they were working long hours; they were virtually married to the bank.

And that’s how the idea for dating agency Lunch Actually was born. At the age of 24, she and her then-fiance-now-husband, Jamie Lee, decided to go into the dating industry in Singapore together.

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Women get friendzoned by guys too, and for a variety of reasons. To them I was a friend only, not somebody worthy of being a romantic interest. Men tend to appreciate women who put in the effort to make themselves look better, especially on first impressions. This does not mean you have to look like a supermodel in order to get their romantic attention. In fact, beautiful women may always get attention at first — but then personality and compatibility are what matters to sustain that attention.

From fashion to hair to makeup to exercise, there are many ways you can explore to make yourself look more attractive to the opposite gender. Even if they may not say it, men will definitely notice the effort you put in your appearance. However, there is a fine line between being self-sufficient and being aggressive. Women may not know when they have crossed it. The truth is, women who are too loud, pushy, and opinionated will find it hard to attract men.

Violet Lim (volunteer)