Mayor Kenney supports effort to make Philadelphia a ‘no-kill’ city to save thousands of animals

Johnston County authorities on Monday released recordings of 13 calls and official radio traffic in relation to the shooting of Tina Renee Medlin, who remains in critical condition at WakeMed. She has a gun,” a Johnston County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher tells deputies heading to the scene. I do want to tell you my husband noticed she has a pistol in the back of her pants,” another woman told About 40 seconds after the sheriff’s office dispatcher told deputies about the woman with a gun, a deputy called out, “Shots fired. Taylor and Deputy Taylor Davis, and both law enforcement officers returned fire, wounding her. It’s unclear which of the officers shot Medlin, or whether both did. Taylor, a year veteran of the Highway Patrol, and Davis have both been placed on administrative leave as the State Bureau of Investigation looks into the shooting, which is standard procedure.

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This is a pre-paid credit card. I paid 6 dollars for the activation fee and loaded dollars onto the pre-paid card. I needed this pre-paid card to pay a bill online. When I attempted to activate the card online, I was given an number to call, to complete the activation. Of course the office for the number was closed so I waited untill the next day and gave them a call.

They informed me that they cannot activate my card because I have “negative activity” on another pre-paid card.

The Township will assist in the removal of storm tree debris between Monday, December 3 through Friday, December 7. Pickup will follow normal trash collection schedule.

Find the perfect business for you with our Business Ideas Tool. Business Overview A viable pet supply store sells anything and everything pet-related. From fish tanks to dog toys, a pet supply store offers the products needed to keep a pet healthy and happy. Some pet supply stores have walk-in clinics. Others have adoption centers. While large pet supply stores like Petco exist, there are plenty of successful local pet supply stores.

Who is this business right for? Because all products and services are catered to animal owners, pet enthusiasts, and animal-lovers, having similar interests helps. A pet shop owner needs to not only be happy around animals, but also understanding of them. Frequently, pet shops allow animals on the premises. For this reason, a store owner must be willing to pick up after, calm down, and handle dogs, cats, and other animals.

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Now the leaders in the community have come together to work toward this common goal. While he does not have a pet, the mayor said he lives in a building where many residents have animals that enrich their lives. The audience also included Missy, a friendly black cat, and Ferny, a pitbull mix.

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Turns out millennials are saving a ton of money Millennials are the worst. I should know — I am one. And I hate it. Meanwhile, baby boomers gave us, um, computers, and our major contributions to society are emojis and TV recaps. First there was Talia Jane, the dopey, year-old Yelp employee who was rightly fired for whining about her low salary on social media. Next came the year-old Mic writer who told his boss he was taking time off for a funeral when he was actually building a tree house.

And then entered the Sandernistas, Bernie Sanders obsessives who preached reform and inclusion by berating their closest friends and family for daring to think differently. Recently, a comment from a colleague hit me like a stray selfie-stick. Nonetheless I fight back every day against the traits that have come to define Gen Y: Contentment has turned us into lepers. Or flying home for the weekend to recover from office burnout by getting some shut-eye in my pristine childhood bedroom.

This is my number one rule: Definite no-nos include quitting a job or relationship the moment my mood drops from ecstatic to merely content; expecting the world to kowtow to my every childish whim; and assuming that I am always the most fascinating person in the room, hell, the zip code. It will only make it crummier.

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The plaintiff in the suit against Guess claimed that the retailer uses a flat screen POS device for debit or credit card transactions that does not distinguish numeric references. Thus, the plaintiff claims that blind or visually impaired consumers must disclose their personal identification number PIN in order to complete a transaction.

The plaintiff further asserted that the retailer did not have auxiliary aids or services to make the POS devices fully accessible. In the complaint against PetSmart, the plaintiffs allege that PetSmart is knowingly denying blind individuals equal access to its goods and services by failing to offer a touch screen alternative at the point of sale and that the touchscreens cannot be used by blind people or those with visual impairment because all information and prompts at the point of sale are communicated visually.

Notably, plaintiffs allege this requires blind customers to verbally disclose their PIN numbers to sales associates in order to complete debit card purchases, which compromises the privacy and security of those customers.

We conducted indoor tests on two unwilling cats and went hiking with our new unofficial employee, Chikaya the black Labrador. Thanks to her help, we decided the Whistle 3 is the best overall pet tracker for its accuracy, lightweight design and easy-to-use app.

Certain restaurant workers, like waitresses Outside salesman Farm workers Taxi drivers The job title or classification is not the determining factor as to whether a worker is entitled to overtime pay. The FLSA and individual state laws establish various tests and requirements to determine whether a worker is an overtime employee, that is, entitled to overtime pay for working more than 40 hours in a week.

Two employees at the same company with similar positions and job duties may be treated separately under the FLSA. That is, one employee may be entitled to overtime pay and the other employee may not be entitled to those wages. Our unpaid overtime lawyers will carefully evaluate your job and your work situation to determine whether you are an overtime employee that is entitled to receive overtime pay.

If your employer owes you overtime wages for work performed, even dating several years back, we can file a claim for you to recover the unpaid wages that you are owed. We will represent you under our No-Fee Promise, which means there are no legal fees or costs unless you receive a settlement. According to statistics, since the height of the recession in , more workers across the United States have been suing employers under the federal and state wage and hour laws.

In fact, according to an report published in USA Today, the number of lawsuits filed last year was up 32 percent. The most common reasons why an employee may be able to file a lawsuit for overtime pay include: Work being handled on personal time due to smartphones and other technology.

Most Common Workplace Lawsuits

This author is cashing in on a real-life NYC tragedy Natalia Nikulina has two kids — and four nannies. The year-old mom, who lives in Brighton Beach, says the disproportionate help is what saves her from losing her mind. Then there are the weekend nannies, sometimes on duty for up to 12 hours a day — one on Saturday, one on Sunday — with a fourth nanny on call. Nanny agencies tell The Post that more families are shelling out big bucks for multiple nannies who work even when the parents are at home.

To lighten the load of one, you employ the other. When Limor Weinstein was a nanny on the Upper East Side 20 years ago, she occasionally came across families with such teams.

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Although switching career gears can be intimidating, some of these rewarding jobs require less than six months of training, and others you can do without going back to school at all. Get ready to love your professional life! As a groomer, you’ll shampoo, trim fur, clip claws and clean ears. Stores like PetSmart, as well as vet offices, pet hotels and a few high-end people hotels, employ groomers.

You can also go into business for yourself. You need to establish trust with both the pet and owner. State requirements range from an apprenticeship to a six-month course. You need to be in good physical condition so you can lift, restrain and muzzle larger dogs. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Merchandiser Getty Images This job isn’t exactly shopping for a living—rather, it’s making sure a company’s products are being given the best presentation in stores.

Why you should NEVER order chicken at Subway: Employee reveals the chain’s ‘dirty little secrets’

Thank you for posting this notification Officer Smith. I too will be sure not to patronize this corporation. Kathlene Lima July 31, at 2: The next day I called every store and was told that none of the stores had my card. I emailed the customer service office and received little to no satisfaction.

The owners of a pet dachshund who died in May during a grooming appointment at a San Mateo PetSmart filed a lawsuit on Tuesday alleging the company had received several complaints of pet injuries during grooming appointments before but failed to take action to correct the problem.

Please be sure to provide the source. Legal Tales Stranger than Fiction: Wearing flip flops, she used her foot for traction against the boat and slipped and fell down a flight of stairs, breaking her right foot. She sued her in-laws, claiming that the steps were slippery and were missing a handrail. The defense asserted that “the handrail may not have prevented injury, because, according to building code, it could have been placed on either side of the stairway.

The jury agreed and found the defendant not responsible for damages. District Attorneys Sharon Styles-Anderson and Nicole Hughes Waid proposed a “common-sense justice” deal in which Stancil, after spending 2 consecutive weekends in jail, will have to live for two months beginning Christmas Eve in his rat-infested building that tenants claim provides no heat or working refrigerators.

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