Pakistan to build amusement park in Osama bin Laden town

Mansehra Rock Edicts Ashoka governed this area as a prince, and when he ascended to the imperial throne c. The Edicts of Ashoka inscribed on three large boulders near Mansehra record fourteen of Ashoka’s edicts, presenting aspects of the emperor’s dharma or righteous law. These represent some of the earliest evidence of writing in South Asia, dating to middle of the third century BC, and are written from right to left in the Kharosthi script. The Sikhs gained control of the area in To maintain peace in the area, the British took preventive measures by co-opting the local chiefs. The British divided Hazara region into three tehsils administrative subdivisions: Mansehra, Abbottabad , and Haripur ; and decided to annex it to the Punjab. During British rule , Mansehra was a small town.

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Education bosses in the Lancashire community said they were amazed that Bin Laden’s hiding place, Abbottabad in Pakistan, has an official link with Daisyfield Primary School. The British Council which runs the twinning scheme said that the relationship dates back to but is no longer running. Tourists visit Osama Bin Laden’s compound in the Pakistan town of Abbottabad, which was involved in a school-twinning scheme with Daisyfield Primary School in Blackburn The Al Qaeda chief watches television in his compound in Abbottabad, a quiet, leafy town featuring a military academy, the barracks for three army regiments and even its own golf course Two other schools in Blackburn were also involved in the Connecting Classrooms project.

Under the scheme, children from Blackburn exchanged letters with residents of the Pakistani community where the Al Qaeda chief was found and shot dead by U. Maureen Bateson, an executive member for children’s services in Blackburn, told the Daily Telegraph:

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Share this article Share He noted other moments this year that brought the country together, including the January assassination attempt on Rep. He added bin Laden’s death to that list. The dinner, for the bipartisan congressional leadership and key committee leaders, was hosted by Obama and his wife, Michelle. Revellers with painted faces wave U. Military for taking out Osama, while right, a resident in Manhattan wears a T-shirt with the words ‘Obama got Osama’ Sombre: A recent survey found only 17 per cent of Americans regarded him as a good military leader.

Today it emerged that in a remarkable 36 hours of his presidency, Barack Obama carried the enormous secret but gave no hint of the mission as he consoled tornado victims, delivered a college commencement address and cracked jokes at a black-tie dinner.

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Obama meets US Seal raid team 06 May The commandos had erupted in deafening cheers, fists pumping the air, when they were called together a few weeks earlier and told the target for their mission. They had been training for weeks on a mock-up a compound with a three-storey building at its heart. They had made great personal sacrifices and seen comrades killed and disabled. And now, after all those years, they finally had the chance to bring him to justice for his victims, their families and the world.

Plans for the SEALs to abseil into the compound were abandoned when one of the hovering choppers suffered lift problems and the pilot was forced to conduct a controlled “hard landing”, striking a wall on the way down. Back in Washington, the setback raised the awful spectre of the failure to rescue hostages held at the US Embassy in Tehran in , and the disastrous “Black Hawk Down” assault in Somalia.

By continuing to the site, Dating back to our first involvement with Abbottabad Christian School in , TEAM has been involved in education, especially for less fortunate children. TEAM began managing the Abbottabad PBCI center in before it finally moved to Rawalpindi in

Some Indologists including H. Dhar concur with Stein’s identification of modern Hazara with ancient Urasa. Evidence from the seventh-century Chinese traveller Xuanzang , [3] in combination with much earlier evidence from the Indian epic the Mahabharata , [4] attests that Poonch and Hazara District of Kashmir had formed parts of the ancient state of Kamboja , whose rulers followed a republican form of government. History since Alexander[ edit ] Alexander the Great and Ashoka the Great[ edit ] Alexander the Great , after conquering parts of the Northern Punjab, established his rule over a large part of Hazara.

Hazara remained a part of the Taxila administration during the rule of the Maurya dynasty. Ashoka the Great was the governor of the area when he was a prince.

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Osama bin Laden fronts a news conference in Khost, Afghanistan, in AP The man once listed as No. A never-before-seen page document purportedly written by a senior member of al-Qaeda details an arrangement between Iran and members of the group to strike American interests in “Saudi Arabia and the Gulf”. Iranian intelligence facilitated the travel of some operatives with visas, while sheltering others.

The author of the file, described as “well-connected,” explains that al-Qaeda’s forces violated the terms of the agreement of the deal, however, resulting in several men being detained. He attributed the cooperation between the two parties to the fact that they view the West as a common enemy, referring to an “ideological consensus” of their cooperation against the West. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. He added that the two sides did not fight against each other because they considered the West a greater threat. AP According to the CIA, there were also documents, videos and audio recordings that give insight into al-Qaeda’s internal fissures and disputes between the terrorist network and its allies.

Although the exact purpose of the files died with bin Laden, they track with the common themes that emerged from the terrorist leader’s time in hiding. After the attacks, he was confined mostly to a section of a square-metres compound with no internet or phone connection, out of public sight. He was a man who got bored, experts say, and occupied himself with movies, books by Noam Chomsky and Bob Woodward, documentaries and porn.

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Ruins, destroyed buildings, bulldozers gathering the shambles. No, Moscow was not hit by terrorists: The biggest of them, the Pyramid on top of Pushkinskaya Station, went down this week. The municipal workers promptly removed the vestiges of the collapsed constructions, while the erstwhile owners stared in disbelief. Though it has been narrowed down to four miles in some places, the Syrian [government] Army can’t take it, despite the Russian aerial support.

For the success of the whole operation, it is paramount to seize the corridor and cut the supply lines, but there is a heavy political flak and military difficulties.

The US team was forced to abandon one of its helicopters after it was damaged in a hard landing at the compound site. It was mostly destroyed in an explosion set by the US forces as they departed.

The stones may be the same type such as turquoise , but the hues will be noticeably different. Each skillfully shaped stone sits next to surrounding stones, only separated by sidewalls. Stamp patterns can be as simple as a sunburst on a metal bracelet to intricate portraits and landscapes- all done with single or multiple stamping tools.

Hopi jeweler Charles Loloma — transformed midth century Native American jewelry by winning major awards with his work that incorporated new materials and techniques. This type of row or cluster has a multi stone style using more than two colors of stones. Victor Coochwytewa was one of the most innovative jewelers – one who is often credited with adapting the overlay technique to Hopi jewelry, along with Paul Saufkie and Fred Kabotie. Navajo smiths often made silver settings, known as “blanks,” that were then set with stones by Zuni or Pueblo lapidarists.

Zuni Indian Drilling Turquoise, However, early Zuni Indian jewelry-making efforts often took the form of collaborations between Navajos and Zuni Indians, in which a Navajo smith would cast a silver piece-by sandcasting or another method-and a Zuni Indian lapidarist would set in the stones. This type of inlay is easily recognizable by the segmented metal lines between the stones. There are three basic types of casting used in Native American jewelry; tufa casting, sandcasting, and machine casting.

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Email So Osama bin Laden has not been hiding in Karachi or somewhere in the mountains of Waziristan; rather, he’s been in Abbottabad. There might be a place more embarrassing for Pakistan but it is hard to think of one. It is yet further evidence that Pakistan, supposedly a key ally of the United States, has gone rogue. Abbottabad is like West Point, New York. Each is home to a nation’s top military academy. Each is close to a major city. In the case of Abbottabad, that is the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

It takes about an hour and half to drive–the same time that West Point’s website says it takes to the U. A military town dating back to British India, Abbottabad is named for Major James Abbott, an imperial soldier and administrator, who founded it in Like other military towns in the area–Rawalpindi the headquarters of the Pakistan Army and Wah a munitions manufacturing center –it has a cantonment, a district of straight roads and open spaces where military personnel live and work.

Cantonments are the smarter part of towns.

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May 02,  · Even in the affluent suburb of Abbottabad, known for its modern and airy homes, Osama bin Laden’s hideaway stood out. Image 1 of 2 A US military issued map of Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound.

India—Pakistan border skirmishes — The official mission code name was Operation Neptune Spear. Navy’s Special Warfare insignia , with the three prongs of the trident representing the operational capacity of SEALs on sea, air and land. Objective The Associated Press reported at the time two U. Brennan said after the raid: Obviously under the rules of engagement , if he in fact had thrown up his hands, surrendered and didn’t appear to be representing any kind of threat, then they were to capture him.

But, they had full authority to kill him. McRaven said a commando raid would be fairly straightforward but he was concerned about the Pakistani response.

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