Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Xbox One/Windows Gaming Headset Review

Unpacking the rest of contents, we have from left to right a 6. Now, does the volume control look familiar to you? Maybe not, but it’s exactly the same one used on the Medusa 5. How strange, and how truly awful if this headset is just a Medusa 5. All my ears are belong to Turtle Beach. And I have boxes of ears, hundreds of them; lucky Turtle Beach, they could make ear soup or something. They are also labeled in case you are not familiar with the color-coding standard for PC audio ports.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset is every gamer’s dream (Review)

I’d never seen a frequency trace done like that I would imagine a single spectrum detection and broad spectrum resolution would be quite different, but that’s just a guess, as I haven’t looked into it. I’m not a professional in this field.

Dec 05,  · For Xbox on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Can you hook up turtle beach headphones to just the tv”.Operating System: X

Headsets are an essential part of every gamer’s setup. They allow you to communicate with others, they give you the ability to have your game as loud as you want without disturbing others, and, for some people, they make for a nifty pair of headphones. Because of these essential needs, headsets come in a variety of price ranges for a variety of different purposes. Therein lies the question. Are the higher-priced headsets worth it for your needs?

Do you really need the 50Hz Frequency Response, the surround sound quality, or even the noise cancellation abilities? The answers to these question will depend on budgets, the product, and most of all, YOU, the gamer. However, that is not to say it falls short of great gaming features. Along with the ability to stand more then 30 feet away from your Xbox and still hear the 13 year old boys screaming at you for taking the sniper rifle, you also get over-sized, high-fidelity 50mm speakers that are capable of Dolby 5.

This may not make these the most attractive headset for someone buying soley for PC use, but it is a great feature if you own an XBOX and like listening to loud music withought disturbing others. And if you ever get tired of being shouted at by the other players, Turtle Beach was nice enough to include the ability to adjust game and chat volumes separately. You also have the great option to hook these up to your home entertainment system. This way you can watch The Matrix turned as loud as it will go with the Bass Boost on and no complaints from those you live with.

The package came in an ordinary brown box with the Turtle Beach logo and website on it.

Turtle Beach announces 5.1 sound Ear Force HPA2 gaming headphones

Ear Force PX5 is a new generation of gaming headsets with fully customizable sound control via Bluetooth communication and unmatched audio quality……… Turtle Beach, a leader in premium gaming headsets and audio entertainment accessories, today revealed their new flagship product, the Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless Dolby 7. Designed for PlayStation 3 and compatible with the Xbox Incorporating a programmable digital signal processor to allow independent customization of the chat, game and microphone signals.

Custom settings stored in the headset as presets can be selected during specific parts of the game to emphasize sounds like footsteps or reloads that might otherwise be difficult to hear. The Bluetooth feature also supports stereo audio streaming for listening to music while playing a game and can accept a phone call while wearing the headset.

Although optimized for PS3 and Xbox gaming, the PX5 is also perfect for watching movies with its large, deep, fabric cushions, soft headband and twist cup designed for resting the headset on your shoulders.

Sep 02,  · On the bright side, the Elite Pro T.A.C., Turtle Beach’s aforementioned $ mixing amp accessory for the Elite Pro (and other gaming headsets), can work with just the headset’s default single.

May 26, And they pick up static, interference There’s a monitor, TV, 2 computers, stereo, wall speakers, phone base and broadband router nearby. By nearby I mean in the room, other than the phone base and broadband router in the next room It picks up a lot of interference. And I can’t move where I work so I can’t get away from all the technology around me. My wireless headset before was great audio. But the wire went over my keyboard which was extremely frustrating.

And if it was under the desk it would go on my legs and on my arm and was equally as frustating. My new wireless headphones get rid of the wire frustration, they are a lot more comfy and they block out loads of sound. But the static is basically unbearable for me. It’s set on channel 2 but channels 1 and 3 just turn sound off completely. Can I fix this interference or will I have to choose between two frustrations?

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Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Headset

Limited to RF technology that had restricted range and very susceptible to interference that made them prone to audio dropouts, nevertheless they sounded great and were pillow comfortable. Time marches on and technology continues to improve. Nowadays with Bluetooth technology wireless audio equipment is becoming more prevalent. Getting solid audio reception twenty to thirty feet away from the source is now possible.

The cups are adjustable to accommodate different head sizes. The cups are swivelled but are limited to 90 degrees in rotation.

How To Hook Up Turtle Beach Px21 To Xbox Hdmi Xbox HDMI – Connecting Headsets for Game Audio PS4 Upgrade Kit was developed to enable full use of existing stereo XBox and PS3 Headsets.

It offers a good sound quality for reasonable cost. This headset comes with everything you need to hook them up to an Xbox This headset comes with many features: Because of its soft ear cups and supportive headband, You can wear this headset for hours with ease. Pressure on your head is just right. View on Amazon 2. There is a special adapter included in the package that works well with PC too.

Trigger Stereo is very lightweight and small compared to other members of Trittons family. View on Amazon 3. Turtle Beach claims 15 hours of continuous battery life on a single charge.

Turtle Beach headphones

The full list of features for the Ear Force Recon 30X includes: The Recon 30X can also be used with any device that has a standard 3. For more info on the latest Turtle Beach gaming headsets and accessories, visit www.

Oct 10,  · I would like to try the Turtle Beach ones (HPA2) but I will have to make sure that they are vista compatible. WarEagleAU I am not too sure that the splitter is for and think all it does is enable you to have your normal speakers hook up and the headphones at the same time.

The Wired Mixamp is easily the best solution if you have multiple hookups: You won’t be able to hear the other inputs until you turn off whatever is hooked up to the optical digital input The wired Mixamp is kind of clutter heavy especially if you plan on getting a digital coax to optical digital converter, but it is the most versatile in terms of what you can hook up to it.

All the optical switchers I used didn’t work properly. I’m pretty sure the Wii in general does a simulated 5. Not sure if an optical or HDMI connection would make a difference when it comes to using headphones though. And i hear the new wireless Astro supports a higher frequency, too bad it doesn’t support RCA cables.

By no means does it sound as good as Dolby Digital, but it’s still awesome to hear that full 3D world of sound in Super Mario Galaxy for example

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I got this headset for free from Turtle Beach. However, this is my honest opinion on the headset. Other than receiving the headset for free, I was not otherwise financially compensated for this review by Turtle Beach. The Stealth boasts hour battery life.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 headset for the Xbox , PlayStation 3 or PC can be crippled by various issues, including: overheating, chat or game echo, one side of the headset not working, buzzing and hissing in the headset, and more.

They aspire to be the go-to brand for headsets of the upper-class professional gamer with this headset and its accessories. They retain some coolness, and somehow seem to keep cool through extended use. The outer bits are leather, while the parts that actually rests against the sides of your head are cloth. The pads on these headphones are beyond your everyday headgear cushion comfort. Regardless, this pair of headphones sits extremely comfortably on my head, as well as the heads of all the members of my immediate family, large and small.

Adding to the comfort, for me, is the glasses system this headset works with. I need those glasses, mind you — so a system like this is a real relief, to be sure. The headset on its own sounds as well as can be expected. You will not have to worry about an opponent sneaking up behind you in the game for lack of sound. This accessory should be used by those that like a physical audio levels controller — specifically those that want granular control over how high their chat is with teammates, and how that chat is mixed with gameplay sounds.

Verdict This headset is our new favorite.

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While it’s pricey, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset offers some of the best sound and comfort we’ve experienced in a wired gaming headset. The Elite Pro Tournament Headset also demonstrates this quite nicely. Design The Tournament Headset was clearly built to be Turtle Beach’s most high-end piece of gaming gear.

Turtle Beach has recently released a pair of headphones for computers and most available gaming consoles, including the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox , though use with the latter requires an additional adapter.

This is a classic headset and only the Turtle Beach logo hints at its decent capabilities. The ear cups are adjustable, so is the headband. The ear cups are covered with synthetic leather padding, so that the sweating during prolonged use is minimized. As for the mic, it is detachable, but it is a bit stiff. I mean, I was afraid not to break it the first few times I tried to remove it.

The ear cups stay firm on your head. I have to tell you that Turtle Beach did the right thing with opting for circumaural design around the ear instead of supra-aural on top of the ear. The circumaural design makes the headset even more comfortable to wear. The headset is lightweight and pretty comfortable although the padding is a bit thin for my liking.

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Headset (Hardware) Review

Comment Gaming headsets, at first glance, might seem like the sort of thing that aren’t of interest to most people unless you’re a hardcore gamer. But we’ve been using the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z22 for a while now, and we have to say, we think there’s a lot more to these headphones than just the gaming angle. First and foremost if you are a PC gamer then these headphones will be ideal for you as there’s a lot of helpful features on board.

But even as more general headphones they’re incredibly useful too.

Turtle beach’s latest range of wireless cans are a brilliant balance of sound quality and comfort. The lack of any cable is an immediate plus, but that practical feature doesn’t result in any.

July 1, , Author: Dead Space would be nothing without its eerie soundscapes, the Ishimura simply a dead ship without its creaking and groaning and breathing. Many of us are content to play our games on HDTVs which, on average, have fucking awful speakers. Tiny, tinny little cones jammed into our flatscreens, washing out our audio and filtering out all those gorgeous frequencies that the sound designers spent so long putting in. You could buy an expensive soundbar or surround sound system.

You could even hook up your console to your hi-fi system. Specifically engineered for gaming and designed to work as both headphones and headset, many of these prized peripherals come with a hefty price tag, making them unaffordable for most. For the price of a new game you can experience surround sound, rich lows and shocking highs.

Gone are the days of that one arsehole on CoD shouting over everyone and ruining the game. If your friend has his mic particularly close to his mouth or the game is especially loud, the dials allow for complete control over the volume levels.

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