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The Best Podcast Episodes of Through a complex web of port politics and economic entanglements, Alex Madrigal presents a meticulously reported overview of the shipping world, an area of life that many of us take for granted. Coupled with future episodes that would look at the Bay Area communities impacted by a changing industry, this installment on the people who make this system run is a helpful base for understanding the world at large. Listen to the full episode here. As Jules and James go through the opening hours of an unexpected friendship, they face the same peaks and valleys of a fresh, cell-phone-based relationship, complete with drifting conversations that go from small talk to big picture and back again. Through this pair, the show can have both the drama of foundational life decisions and the natural rhythms of the week-to-week developments of everyday life. The 50 Best Podcast Episodes of So Far was a year for a handful of shows that caught fire with a certain level of otherwise casual podcast listeners. As a multimedia experiment and a modified daily limited run release schedule, the story of John Meehan also became a touchpoint for a year filled stories of manipulative men. The immediacy of the story and the representation of the reporting in audio, print, and web formats helped it become another step in the evolution of podcasts as a valuable element of the modern journalistic landscape. But it does offer a pathway for recognizing the common ground of decency that hopefully we all have the capacity for finding.

Why Dating is So Hard for LGBTQ Christians

Have you ever met a guy that was just sooo right for you in every way… Except one as in the important one! If so then you are going to love this episode! You will want to listen to it before every date to make sure you are paying attention to the right things. My guest, Ken Bechtel has 15 years experience as a guide and educator.

Subscribe to “Why Oh Why” via iTunes Summary: Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, and guys in bars about where love and sex meets technology. The show tells the stories about relationships by blurring the lines between memoir, documentary, and fiction.

New Jersey senator Cory Booker: Senator from New Jersey thinks bipartisanship is right around the corner. Is he just an idealistic newbie or does he see a way forward that everyone else has missed? Below is a transcript of the episode, modified for your reading pleasure. For more information on the people and ideas in the episode, see the links at the bottom of this post.

He was a superstar athlete in high school, went to Stanford on a football scholarship, won a Rhodes Scholarship and studied at Oxford, then got a law degree at Yale. With that pedigree, and with any number of options open to him, what did he do?

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Join Jordan and Chris as they, in turn, join middle-school girl Usagi Tsukino as she meets a talking cat with a bandaid on her head and learns of the grand destiny that awaits her! No guest this week, but instead, learn why two strapping young lads like our hosts became so enamored of a cartoon made for school girls! Chris drops his very first F-Bomb of the podcast, and Jordan struggles to contain his hatred of psychics!

As an in-depth look at the second episode of Sailor Moon, this episode will punish you with goodness! This time, a radio show called “Midnight Zero” becomes the most popular thing amongst love-lorn ladies Thankfully, we’re joined by glamorous Sailor Moon super-fan Betty Felon , who helps us navigate the troubles that arise from a body-shaming talking cat, over-excersizing, and binging on pork buns

Why join dating site – If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you. Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. Rich man looking for older man & younger woman.

It’s been edited for clarity. We hear from running back Zack Moss and defensive tackle Pita Tonga. Our Utah by 5 segment features a visit with coach Larry Krystkowiak, and we discuss his friendship with the late Jon Huntsman. Welcome to another edition of the Desert News Ute Insiders podcast. I’m Dirk Facer, longtime beat writer for the Utes, joined here today by Mike Sorensen, who’s been at the paper forever and a day, and our resident millennial Trent Wood.

Hey, let’s talk about the bye week Utah had. Obviously it was a time to heal some bumps and bruises and I can think of nobody better than Britain Covey. Do you think this was well-timed, just considering the physical play of that Washington game? I mean, I saw him yesterday and he seemed perfectly good.

He seemed ready to go. Mike, what do you think? I mean, it’s early in the season, obviously, but that may have been the most physical game of the season against Washington. Does it work out?

#6: Dating with the Stars

Few others in comedy had podcasts at the time, and even for those who did, it was unclear whether anyone was listening. So from that vacuum, with nothing left to lose, Maron started having conversations with his peers, about craft and the punishing nature of the job, but also just about life and the shit that we endure along the way. Serving as a sympathetic sounding post some would say “therapist,” but Maron hates that designation , he’s managed to talk to Robin Williams about drug addiction and hug it out on air with his former best friend Louis C.

Of late, he’s been branching out into musicians, too, like Jack White and Fiona Apple.

The guy who says, “Oh, I can change her mind,” then makes it his mission to score. who have co-authored a book and host a podcast together. How tough is the dating-app scene? HBO’s.

Adrian Gostick Well, thanks Pete. Thanks for your interest in our work. Pete Mockaitis Oh, certainly. Any stories of sort of leadership, team management sparking goodness coming to life with the high schools? It was more about the Xs and the Os, and he was very good at that. Pete Mockaitis Okay, cool. But what we try and do as we work with the CEOs and the leaders of these teams, is to realize sort of what their worries are. So, for example about five years ago we were hearing a lot on culture, and we were lucky enough to become one of the first to write a big book on culture and how you build a great culture.

Could you maybe orient us a little bit with a preview to start and hear what are those disciplines? The first was that managers really did understand there were differences in the generations that they were managing, and they learned that they had to manage, say, Millennials different than Boomers, different than Gen X. The second idea was that while we do worry about the generational differences, the best leaders are managing to the one, especially helping people drive their career development.

Great team leaders really speed productivity — they get new people and teams up to speed a lot faster than their peers.

What is podcasting?

Why is so hard? How many of us had this phase? And how many of us are still kind of in it?

The dating podcast Why Oh Why is a magical hodgepodge of fact and fiction, of interviews and of introspection, of dudes in bars and dudes in radio studios, of pre- and post-inaugural dating advice.

Did I pronounce that right? As we start here, could you first tell us what was the motivation to do this paper? Why did you choose this topic and how did you come to eventually study multiple myeloma? So we had our first experiences with bone marrow imaging and dual-energy CT with traumatic bone marrow changes and then we also saw that every patient with multiple myeloma or we suspected multiple myeloma sooner or later will need to have an assessment of bone status and this is routinely done by whole body computed tomography.

So this computed tomography is in the axial skeleton only to detect osteolytic changes. So let me ask you this question. You started applying this technique to traumatic bone lesions. And that would seem to be a harder problem than tumor perhaps. How do you compare the challenge of using dual-energy CT for trauma with edema detection versus what you were trying to achieve with tumor detection?

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Shunning premarital sex may seem old-fashioned to some, but Erica Williams says nowadays celibacy is somewhat of a movement, especially among some minority women. Williams, 30, is the founder of Journey to Purity, a nonprofit agency in Virginia that aims to promote celibacy in women through education and community-building efforts. Williams says the majority of the women are black or Latina. For these women, celibacy is a conscious and often faith-driven choice.

Mar 13,  · Why’d You Push That Button’s live episode from SXSW. Lots of people complain of being ghosted on online dating platforms and beyond. Is technology to blame? “Oh .

Mitch on September 14th, – 2: Sam on September 14th, – 4: Fav artist are eminem, snoop, and more! Who do you guys like. I go to public school and play basketball. My christian friend to come here. He told me to write that and take it from there. Marie on September 14th, – 7: Also, something that has helped me with my journal is writing about my walk with the Lord and using journaling prompts. Many thanks, Fish melissa on September 14th, – 8: I used to post here about 9 months ago, but i stopped.

Hows every body been?

Aaron Rodgers (Gay) and Danica Patrick Are Confirmed

Tweet Dating men can be awful from the start. I went on countless dates with men over the years and eventually, they wore me out. I finally decided that dating men was too much pain without enough gain. It felt like I gained so much more satisfaction from spending time with good friends, family, food, and compelling episodic storytelling about mysterious unsolved murders.

Men are boring, insecure and dramatic.

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You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes , get the RSS feed , or listen via the media player above. This episode is about all the ways that marriage has changed over the last 50 years. We begin by challenging some of the myths of modern marriage. Is divorce as common as we think? The discussion then moves on to how the institution of marriage is perceived these days, and to what degree it has outlived its original purpose.

We begin by hearing the voices of people all around the country, talking about why they got married or want to. As you might imagine, their reasoning runs from pure romance love! So, similar interests and passions. We call this the model of hedonic marriage. This is just economists giving a jargon name to love. So it fundamentally changes who marries who. In , two-thirds of all Americans aged 15 and older were married.

By , that number had fallen to And one group is not marrying — the lower-educated, lower-income Americans are not marrying for lots of different reasons.

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By Jeffrey Masters August 31 1: The series focuses on the dating lives of two trans women. As Arisce Wanzer, one of the stars of the series, says, life is supposed to be fun. Read highlights from the interview here, or listen to the full podcast interview on the audio player below.

Battle Of The Sexes with Miss America, Nia Franklin and The Woman Of The Week!

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We also got about an inch of snow. We are supposed to get a lot more this week. Do I punch in search bar?

Dating with a Purpose